Article Talk: Immunotherapy Combinations Show Promise in Multiple Myeloma Treatment

Started by Will2, December 13, 2016
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December 13, 2016
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EVERY TIME I read an article about developing treatments ...and progress (or even lack thereof)... and clinical trials, I am THRILLED to feel a part of the process, as a participant in clinical trials. Last year, at this time, I was taking three drugs (lenalidomide, dexamethasone, and ixazomib). This was a follow-up to an autologous stem cell transplant. At this time, I'm taking ixazomib, only. My ongoing tests have shown these drugs to have been....and continue to be.... quite effective. I'm not sure whether I can accurately claim CR, but I think I can. I, of course, do not know how my body (and the cancer therein) would have responded to non-trial treatment(s). I am pleased to be a part of this, and prior studies. I am blessed to have received beneficial results. And I'm extremely hopeful that my participation will be helpful to many, many other multiple myeloma (and perhaps other?) patients, in the future.
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