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NCCN Launches New Distress Resources for Patients With Cancer
BY Katie Kosko
The NCCN created new free, online resources for patients with cancer who are experiencing distress.
Did the Extra Chemo Cycles Go Too Far?
BY Edward McClain
Ed has medical emergency. Did the extra chemo cause it?
Can Cancer Be a Laughing Matter?
BY Rajiv Samant, M.D.
Humor can be a valuable healing strategy for patients with cancer and their doctors.
3 Things You Can Do Right Now, With Cancer, to Boost Your Mood
BY Ryan Hamner
Your methods of coping with cancer might not always be sexy.
Nowhere to Turn: Cancer-Related Problems with Sexual Health or Fertility
BY Leslie R. Schover, Ph.D.; Founder, Will2Love
On Feb. 21, we'll be co-hosting a tweet chat with Oncology Nursing News and Will2Love's Leslie R. Schover about sexual health and fertility after a cancer diagnosis. Join us at 9 p.m. EST with the hashtag #CureConnect
Finally Starting to Feel Alive Again
BY Dana Stewart
I was pretending life was great after my cancer treatment ended. Meanwhile, I was living in a cancer coma.
Mastering the Art of Living Uncertainly With Cancer
BY Lisa Machado
Certainty takes on a whole new meaning when you are living with cancer.
What Calms Your Cancer Anxiety?
BY Dana Stewart
When cancer anxiety strikes and panic begins to build, there a few tools you can keep close to help you combat the fears and regain calmness in your mind again.
Hallucinogenic Agent May Ease Cancer-Related Anxiety, Recent Study Says
BY Allie Casey
Psilocybin, a component found in psychedelic mushrooms, reduced cancer-related anxiety and depression in a recent trial.
Cancer Scans: A Love/Hate Relationship
BY Kim Johnson
Appreciating modern medicine and learning how to cope the unknowns
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