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What Women Need to Know About a Breast Cancer Diagnosis During COVID-19

October 30th 2020, 6:00pm

By Dr. Anthony Lucci


A breast surgical oncologist at The University of Texas MD Anderson Cancer Center notes that while breast cancer screening can be delayed a few months, it should not be skipped altogether.

Imagine the Possibilities of A New Year, Even With Cancer

October 30th 2020, 4:00pm

By Bonnie Annis


2020 has been a challenging year, especially for survivors and those with cancer, but you can look forward to the new year. You just have to imagine the possibilities.

Friday Frontline: Two Sisters Diagnosed With Breast Cancer Participate in Proton Therapy Trial, Artificial Intelligence Being Investigated to Assist with Radiotherapy Treatments and More

October 30th 2020, 3:00pm

By Conor Killmurray


Two sisters diagnosed with the same stage of breast cancer in the same spot three weeks apart take part in proton therapy trial, Mayo Clinic and Google Health partner to investigate the use of artificial intelligence in assisting with radiotherapy treatments and more from the weekly roundup of news and research happening in the cancer landscape.

Drug Targeting Offers Hope for Patients with Non-Small Cell Lung Cancer that Harbors Rare Mutations

October 30th 2020, 1:00pm

By Arlene Weintraub


Ultra-precise drug targeting brings new hope for patients with non-small cell lung cancer that harbors rare mutations.

Abbreviated Treatment Improves Quality of Life and Appears Safe in Some with Diffuse Large B Cell Lymphoma

October 29th 2020, 9:00pm

By Beth Fand Incollingo


Giving fewer courses of chemotherapy and no radiation could become a new standard for patients with stage 1 or 2 diffuse large B cell lymphoma based on the results of a recent study.

CURE’s Clinical Trial Corner: October 2020

October 29th 2020, 6:00pm

By Ryan McDonald


Here is a list of some recent trials that launched within the cancer space in October.

It Takes Two: Lessons in Lymphedema Management After a Wrist Fracture

October 29th 2020, 4:00pm

By Felicia Mitchell


Using the full use of my left hand for a few months, I relied more on my lymphedema limb. Those with lymphedema, I learned, might do well to avoid fractures as best they can.

USPSTF Recommends to Lower Age for Colorectal Cancer Screening, Emphasizing Early Detection

October 29th 2020, 1:00pm

By Darlene Dobkowski, MA


As colorectal cancer is becoming more prevalent in younger patients, the U.S. Preventive Services Task Force (USPSTF) introduced a draft recommendation that, if accepted, will lower the screening age from 50 years to 45 years in those with average risk.

Tafinlar With Mekinist Offers Survival Benefits in Melanoma Subset

October 28th 2020, 9:00pm

By Jessica Skarzynski


5-year follow up data from a promising trial shows survival benefits with the combination treatment of Tafinlar and Mekinist with patients with melanoma.

Physical Activity and Reduced Sitting Linked to Improved Health in Older Adults Regardless of Cancer History

October 28th 2020, 6:00pm

By Jessica Skarzynski


A study assessing the value of movement found that it improved physical and mental health in older adults who had survived cancer, as well as those with no history of the disease.