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Colon and Rectal Cancer Can Be a Reality For Gen-X, Millennials, and Gen-Z

September 18, 2020

Colon cancer and rectal cancer are diseases that younger generations need to take seriously.

Speaking Out on Early-Age Onset Colorectal Cancer

January 30, 2020

In this episode of the “CURE Talks Cancer” podcast, we spoke with Dr. Zsofia Stadler, on behalf of the Colon Cancer Foundation, about the rising incidence of early-age onset colorectal cancer.

Earlier Messaging of Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer Addresses Knowledge Gaps

May 03, 2019

Lack of awareness and knowledge of early-onset colorectal cancer is a problem, but early messaging can help combat the issue.

Earlier Colonoscopies Could Prevent, Down-Stage Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer

May 03, 2019

Surveillance guidelines for hereditary colorectal cancer may be more effective in preventing the disease compared with those intended for individuals with a family history.

A Watershed Moment for EAO-CRC: ACS Drops Screening Age to 45

June 07, 2018

It was the drop heard 'round the colorectal cancer world.