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Genevieve's Helping Hands: Who We Are
October 05, 2016
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Genevieve's Helping Hands: Who We Are

PUBLISHED October 05, 2016
Why We Do What We Do

Genevieve’s Helping Hands was established in the memory of Genevieve Sounia, a young mother who died of breast cancer.  She was a loving wife, mother, daughter, sister, aunt, cousin, friend, and more. 

During her two year plus struggle with breast cancer, Genevieve had to search to find the resources she needed to extend her life and take care of her young family.  She drew people to her with her courage, spirit, and grace.  She connected them to each other as they supported her during her quest to life her life to the fullest.  She had many helping hands, and graciously allowed friends and family to help her on in her cancer journey.

She was encouraged and strengthened by their efforts, and gave back by gently, yet passionately, encouraging them to get involved in the life enriching and life extending principles she believed in.  She supported others by passing along what she learned, and encouraged them through friendships, mentoring, and starting a support group for young cancer patients in her area.

After her death, Genevieve’s network of family and friends decided to carry on her fight against breast cancer by helping other young women in her name, to become her helping hands for others.  Our charity promotes her passions and causes: Faith–Family–Friends–Food- Fitness. 

We want to help make the cancer journey easier to navigate, provide an arm to lean on, and offer encouragement when needed.  We offer assistance to every woman who reaches out to us.

Why Our Focus Is On Young Women

A diagnosis of breast cancer can be devastating to any woman, but is most unexpected and unusually challenging to women under the age of 40, especially those with families.  Their medical, social, financial, and emotional needs differ from their older sisters, and frequently are not met by today’s medical establishment. 
We try to fill in that gap by providing personalized help to find the resources they need, connect them to support groups, help them find family and care giver support, other cancer patients, nutritional support, and more.

Financial Grants

When Genevieve had her mastectomy, she was able to spend a few days recovering at a local respite house. She attributed her quick recovery to that extra time to heal.

Genevieve hoped that other mothers could have the same experience, and that is why the heart of our mission is to award a Genevieve Memorial Breast Cancer Recovery Grant.  It’s designed to extend and enhance a mother’s recovery from any type of breast cancer treatment. It can be utilized various ways, including at the start of treatment, as a respite between treatments, or at the end of a treatment.  

The grants are personalized to the needs of each mother.  Every grant covers up to 3 days and 3 nights at a location outside the home, and includes the cost of the hotel, meals, incidentals, and transportation to and from the location. 

The application process is simple and decisions are made as quickly as possible. Applications can be down loaded and mailed, or filled out on-line at our website,

Our goal is to honor Genevieve and her life by what we do.
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