SHARE Hosting Online Support Communities!

PUBLISHED December 08, 2016
It's easier than ever to connect with other patients and survivors and find relevant information and support through SHARE's online support communities for breast cancer, ovarian cancer, and metastatic breast cancer! The communities are hosted on HealthUnlocked, the social network for health.
Members can write posts that ask for advice, tips, or encouragement about a particular issue they’re facing in their treatment. Or, they can offer up suggestions for resources they’ve found helpful.  HealthUnlocked makes it easier than ever to find relevant information, and joining the communities is simple and anonymous. There are no advertisements, and there is no spam. Instead, the site offers suggestions of content or connections that are relevant to people at different stages of their cancer experiences.

Interested in Joining?

It's easy.

Choose your community:
Breast Cancer
Ovarian Cancer
Metastatic Breast Cancer

Click "Sign Up," and enter a username, your email, and a password.
Once on the community page, click "Follow."

We're so excited to be able to offer a safe, welcoming space for women to get the support and information they need online. See you there!
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