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CURE's Top 10 Oncology Stories of 2016
December 29, 2016 – Brielle Urciuoli
Fact vs. Fiction: What a Breast Cancer Diagnosis Means For Pregnant Women
December 29, 2016 – Brielle Urciuoli
FDA Stops Multiple Trials for Acute Myeloid Leukemia Drug
December 28, 2016 – Jason M. Broderick
Combo Shows No Additional Benefit in Glioblastoma
December 28, 2016 – Lisa Miller
Examining the Role of Metabolic Pathways in Neuro-Oncology
December 26, 2016 – Shannon Connelly
Findings Challenge the Need for Preventive Mastectomies in Some BRCA-Positive Patients With Breast Cancer
December 26, 2016 – Beth Fand Incollingo
Siblings of Children with Cancer Gain Hope Through SuperSibs Program
December 24, 2016 – Katie Kosko
Five Questions With an Immunotherapy Expert
December 23, 2016 – Katie Kosko
Challenges in Treating Lung Adenocarcinoma
December 23, 2016 – Gina Columbus

CURE's Top 10 Oncology Stories of 2016

There were many personal ups and downs, as well as newsworthy cancer advancements in the year 2016. CURE covered them all. Check out our top stories from the year. 
BY Brielle Urciuoli
PUBLISHED December 29, 2016
With more than 20 approvals for cancer treatments from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and landmark legislation signed into law that will allocate money for cancer research over the next decade, 2016 has been an exciting year in the field of oncology. For that, CURE’s community of writers and readers continued to grow this year, as we published countless online exclusives about breaking news, experts’ takes on emerging treatments, personal stories from our contributors and more.

Here are our top 10 most successful stories of 2016.

1. Brain Trust: Cutting-Edge Treatments for Glioblastoma on the Rise
New treatments, such as immunotherapy, continueto prove successful for patients with glioblastoma, one of the most dangerous cancers.

2. More Than Chemo Brain: Several Factors Contribute to Cognitive Decline After Cancer
Although patients and survivors often complain of chemo brain during and after treatment for cancer, a growing body of research shows that there are multiple causes behind the cognitive decline many survivors experience.

3. FDA Accelerates Development of Polio Virus Treatment for Brain Cancer
Treatment for the polio virus may eventually move into the treatment realm for brain cancer, thanks to a breakthrough therapy designation by the FDA. 

4. The Next Frontier: The Promise of Immunotherapy in Gastrointestinal Cancers
In the oncology world, gastrointestinal cancers may be the next in line to realize the promise of immunotherapy.

5. Cancer Fatigue
It makes perfect sense to me now that exhaustion is one of the byproducts of cancer treatment. As blood counts drop, cells die, and the mental stress and strain builds, the vital energy force no longer flows like a raging river—it has all the power of a dripping faucet, says Mike Verano.

6. Five Ways to Be a Friend to Someone With Cancer
If you really break it down, there are only two emotions that consume the world and all its living beings: love and fear, writes Kate Beland.

7. A New Lease on Life: Treatments Are Extending Life Expectancies for Patients With Multiple Myeloma
Four new drugs, and novel treatment combinations, are further extending life expectancy for patients with multiple myeloma.

8. On Carbs and Cancer
The “sugar is poison” ideology is wrong, says nutritionist and registered dietician Amanda Bontempo.

9. Six Survivors Share Their Thyroid Cancer Stories
Thyroid cancer comprises approximately 4 percent of all cancers; however, the number of new diagnoses has increased substantially in recent years.

10. Star of TV's "The Little Couple" Shares What Having a Rare Cancer Taught Her
Jennifer Arnold, M.D., talks about having rare cancer alongside skeletal dysplasia, and sharing it all on national television.
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