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CURE's Top 5 Stories: December 2018
January 01, 2019 – Jessica Skarzynski
Some Patients with Lymphoma May Benefit from Reduced Chemotherapy
December 28, 2018 – Jessica Skarzynski
Online Tool May Mitigate Skin Cancer Risk
December 27, 2018 – Brielle Benyon
FDA Approves Ultomiris for Rare Blood Disorder
December 27, 2018 – Gina Columbus
Investigational BTK Inhibitor Sparks Responses in Patients with Mantle Cell Lymphoma
December 26, 2018 – Beth Fand Incollingo
FDA Approves Elzonris to Treat Rare Blood Cancer
December 21, 2018 – Kristie L. Kahl
FDA Approves New Drug Regimen for Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia
December 20, 2018 – Brielle Benyon
FDA Approves Lynparza for Maintenance Treatment of BRCA-Mutant Gynecologic Cancers
December 19, 2018 – Brielle Benyon
FDA Approves Keytruda for Merkel Cell Carcinoma
December 19, 2018 – Kristie L. Kahl

CURE's Top 5 Stories: December 2018

Here are the top 5 CURE stories for December 2018.
BY Jessica Skarzynski
PUBLISHED January 01, 2019
Here are the top 5 CURE stories for December 2018.

5. Lynparza Significantly Delays Ovarian Cancer Progression
In this story, we take a look at a recent study that found maintenance treatment with Lynparza after chemotherapy significantly extended progression-free survival in newly diagnosed patients with advanced ovarian cancer.

4. Stumbling Through the Holidays
During the holiday season, emotions are not an either/or proposition when it comes to metastatic cancer, as CURE Contributor Martha Carlson discusses in this piece.

3. Podcast: When Fear Flips
In this episode of the CURE Talks Cancer podcast, listen as we chat with Olympic gold medalist and cancer survivor Scott Hamilton about how he learned to use cancer as a motivation to do better in the world.

2. Good Things Come in Threes
Patients with metastatic, hormone-driven breast cancer now have three more treatment options with a new class of drugs that has seen three approvals in recent years. Learn more about them in this piece.

1. Managing the Cost of Cancer
The costs that come with cancer treatment can place a heavy burden on some patients and their families, often leading to stress-related illnesses. Is there a solution? CURE contributor Bonnie Annis examines the cost of cancer in this story.

As 2018 comes to a close, we thank you for trusting CURE as your source for cancer updates, research and education. We look forward to bringing you even more of the stories you enjoy in 2019 and beyond.

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