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Suzanne Lindley

Suzanne Lindley has been living with metastatic colorectal cancer since 1998. She is the founder of YES! Beat Liver Tumors, an organization for individuals living with metastatic liver tumors, and an advocate for Fight Colorectal Cancer.
Suzanne Lindley
The number 18 holds special meaning for me as it marks 18 years since I heard these words: “You have incurable colon cancer.”
Suzanne Lindley
Never underestimate or take for granted the miraculous impressions that are created in the hearts of our friends.
Suzanne Lindley
I am typing this as I wait to be called back for scans. The miracle of imaging and the advances that have been made in the 17 years since my diagnosis do not escape me. I will soon receive the results that will determine my next steps. I will never meet or know all of the people that it takes to create these images, to read the results, or even to help make important choices in moving forward.
I can remember every waking moment feeling like an incredible dream for months afterward. During those moments I was so much in love I couldn't imagine or believe that anything could bring more happiness. I wanted that feeling to last into our rocking chair days.
'Happy birthday' messages greeted me from around the globe. Because of cancer, my life has been touched by friends far and wide, around the country and across the ocean.
Suzanne Lindley
It doesn't get any easier to say goodbye to a friend and it brings close the reality that though we are living better, and longer with advanced cancer, that there is still no cure.
The gift of the moment is not lost in my thoughts.
Some friends meet in unexpected ways. They come into your life during times when you least expect them.
The value of sharing time with other cancer warriors, talking about what works and doesn't work, and to hear other stories is empowering. You gain a new perspective.
March is Colorectal Cancer Awareness month and I'm happy to be part of the sea of blue that is preventing others from enduring a diagnosis of colon cancer.

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