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Future of Brain Cancer Treatment

Dr. Joon Uhm, Jennifer Serventi and Dellann Elliott Mydland suggest factors that may affect care for patients in the future. Uhm remarks that there is potential for the use of immunotherapies in glioblastoma and Jennifer and Dellann reinforce that idea that patients and loved ones need to seek support and approach a diagnosis proactively.
PUBLISHED: March 28, 2016

Episode 1 Megan's Journey with Brain Cancer
Episode 2 The Detection of Brain Tumors
Episode 3 Role of a Neuro-Oncology Research Associate
Episode 4 Matching Patients with the Support They Need
Episode 5 Understanding the Types of Brain Cancer Tumors
Episode 6 Navigating Through Brain Cancer
Episode 7 What to Know About Tumor Tissue Banking
Episode 8 Understanding Informed Consent Forms
Episode 9 Surgery as a Treatment Option for Brain Cancer
Episode 10 Additional Treatment Options for Brain Cancer
Episode 11 Treatment Concerns: Financial Coverage
Episode 12 Treatment Concerns: Quality of Life
Episode 13 Optune Therapy for Glioblastoma
Episode 14 Future of Brain Cancer Treatment
Episode 15 Brain Cancer Awareness Month Highlight Reel
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