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BRCA Testing and Prophylactic Mastectomy for Breast Cancer Prevention

In this CURE Connections program, Dr. Philippa Cheetham interviews Judy Nymberg, a woman whose mother died of breast cancer at an early age. Judy shares her story about her mother’s disease, her own experience with genetic testing, and the decisions she made, undergoing prophylactic surgery to reduce her risk of developing cancer. Dr. Cheetham also talks to a certified genetic counselor, Jacquelyn Powers, from the Abramson Cancer Center at the University of Pennsylvania, who explains what you need to know about your own lifetime risk, BRCA testing, and how the results of genetic testing may affect you.
Episode 1 Family History of Breast Cancer
Episode 2 Who Needs Genetic Testing?
Episode 3 Preparing for Your BRCA Testing
Episode 4 The Genetic Counseling Visit
Episode 5 Your BRCA Gene Test Results
Episode 6 Options for Women with a BRCA Mutation
Episode 7 BRCA Testing for Men
Episode 8 Myths About Risk of Familial Breast Cancer
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