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Cure Connections®

You're Not Alone: Why Cancer Is a Team Sport

Receiving news of a cancer diagnosis impacts everyone differently. Patients and their loved ones will have many concerns and will undoubtedly experience all types of emotions. As suggested throughout this CURE Connections program, having a positive mindset and practicing empowerment can be important when facing the journey that lies ahead. In this program, Dr Philippa Cheetham interviews Dr John Marshall and cancer patients Alli Macken, Donald Wilson, and Tal. Together, they share personal stories and provide advice on how to manage the news of a cancer diagnosis and move forward.
Episode 1 Cancer Affects More than Just the Patient
Dr. John Marshall explains the importance of receiving support from loved ones when coping with a diagnosis of cancer and remarks that it is vital to recognize that cancer affects everyone who is part of a patientís life. Donald Wilson briefly discusses his diagnosis of pancreatic cancer and what it was like to hear the news.
Episode 2 A Mother With an Unexpected Diagnosis
Episode 3 A Liver Cancer Diagnosis: Tal's Story
Episode 4 Reacting to a Cancer Diagnosis
Episode 5 Patient Research Can Be Empowering
Episode 6 Researching Cancer on the Internet
Episode 7 Coping With the Mental Aspects of a Cancer Diagnosis
Episode 8 Establishing a Village of Support
Episode 9 Perspectives on Delivering a Prognosis
Episode 10 Strong Patient-Doctor Relationship

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