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Ruesch Center GI Patient Symposium 2015

Episode 1 Treatment Options and Challenges for Patients With Pancreatic Cancer
Episode 2 A Promising Future for Pancreatic Cancer
Episode 3 Pancreatic Cancer: David's Story to Remission
Episode 4 Pancreatic Cancer: Donald's Story
Episode 5 Locating Support Resources for Patients
Episode 6 Treatment Considerations for Patients Researching Their Options
Episode 7 Moving Forward With Pancreatic Cancer
Episode 8 Receiving a Second Opinion
Episode 9 Maintenance Therapy: What to Expect
Episode 10 Cancer Affects More than Just the Patient
Episode 11 A Mother With an Unexpected Diagnosis
Episode 12 A Liver Cancer Diagnosis: Tal's Story
Episode 13 Reacting to a Cancer Diagnosis
Episode 14 Patient Research Can Be Empowering
Episode 15 Researching Cancer on the Internet
Episode 16 Coping With the Mental Aspects of a Cancer Diagnosis
Episode 17 Establishing a Village of Support
Episode 18 Perspectives on Delivering a Prognosis
Episode 19 Strong Patient-Doctor Relationship
Episode 20 Freda's Story: Her Diagnosis of CRC
Episode 21 Interventional Radiologist's Role
Episode 22 Considering a Second Opinion for Cancer Care
Episode 23 It Takes a Team to Treat Cancer
Episode 24 Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
Episode 25 Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatment
Episode 26 Ruesch Center Symposium Highlight Reel
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