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Ruesch Center GI Patient Symposium 2015

Episode 1 Treatment Options and Challenges for Patients With Pancreatic Cancer
In this segment, Dr. Michael Pishvaian provides an overview of the treatment options commonly considered for the treatment of pancreatic cancer and explains the benefits of surgery. However, he remarks that not all patients are candidates for the procedure and further discusses challenges that affect treatment choice.
Episode 2 A Promising Future for Pancreatic Cancer
Episode 3 Pancreatic Cancer: David's Story to Remission
Episode 4 Pancreatic Cancer: Donald's Story
Episode 5 Locating Support Resources for Patients
Episode 6 Treatment Considerations for Patients Researching Their Options
Episode 7 Moving Forward With Pancreatic Cancer
Episode 8 Receiving a Second Opinion
Episode 9 Maintenance Therapy: What to Expect
Episode 10 Cancer Affects More than Just the Patient
Episode 11 A Mother With an Unexpected Diagnosis
Episode 12 A Liver Cancer Diagnosis: Tal's Story
Episode 13 Reacting to a Cancer Diagnosis
Episode 14 Patient Research Can Be Empowering
Episode 15 Researching Cancer on the Internet
Episode 16 Coping With the Mental Aspects of a Cancer Diagnosis
Episode 17 Establishing a Village of Support
Episode 18 Perspectives on Delivering a Prognosis
Episode 19 Strong Patient-Doctor Relationship
Episode 20 Freda's Story: Her Diagnosis of CRC
Episode 21 Interventional Radiologist's Role
Episode 22 Considering a Second Opinion for Cancer Care
Episode 23 It Takes a Team to Treat Cancer
Episode 24 Treatment of Metastatic Colorectal Cancer
Episode 25 Clinical Trials for Cancer Treatment
Episode 26 Ruesch Center Symposium Highlight Reel

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