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Cure Connections®

Episode 1 Cancer Rechecks: Coping With Worry and Waiting
A breast cancer and melanoma survivor shares her coping strategies for rechecks, lab results and scanxiety.
Episode 2 Failure to Communicate: I Have Cancer But I'm OK
Episode 3 ACS CAN: 'Fighting On' to Increase Federal Cancer Research Funding
Episode 4 Bright Pink Puts the Accent on Preventing Breast and Ovarian Cancer in Younger Women
Episode 5 10 Tips to Help You Navigate Life After Cancer and the New Normal
Episode 6 LLS Strives to Cure Blood Cancers, Empower Patients With Information
Episode 7 Young Survival Coalition Brings Together Young Patients With Breast Cancer
Episode 8 LUNGevity Allows Patients With Lung Cancer to Breathe Easy
Episode 9 Colon Cancer Alliance: Defying the Odds
Episode 10 Reminder from the American Lung Association: Lung Cancer Does Not Gender Discriminate
Episode 11 Failure to Diagnose: Knowing the Symptoms of Inflammatory Breast Cancer
Episode 12 Stupid Cancer Fights to Have Younger Voices Heard
Episode 13 Thinking Locally, Acting Globally on Melanoma
Episode 14 Going Through Cancer With an Angel By Your Side
Episode 15 Carcinoid Cancer Foundation: Spreading the Word About an Often Overlooked Disease
Episode 16 Faced With a Grim Diagnosis, Patients With Brain Cancer Are Not Alone
Episode 17 Five Facts to Know About Skin Cancer
Episode 18 American Liver Foundation Seeks to Address Current Issues in Liver Health
Episode 19 Turning the Tables on Stomach Cancer Through Outreach and Advocacy
Episode 20 The Esophageal Cancer Education Foundation Provides Tips and Support for Survivors
Episode 21 Continuing Her Husband's Work: The IMF Wants to End Myeloma
Episode 22 A Cancer Foundation Grows From a Sentiment That Takes Root
Episode 23 Living with Metastatic Breast Cancer: Advocacy Group Helps Patients Cope with Isolation, Misunderstanding
Episode 24 Cervical Cancer Survivor Offers Advice for During and After Treatment
Episode 25 From Genetics to Bodybuilding: Five Things to Know About Stomach Cancer
Episode 26 In Kidney Cancer Treatment, KCA Has Fostered Advancement
Episode 27 The NOCC's Fight to Save Lives Against Ovarian Cancer: 25 Years Strong
Episode 28 Patient Forum Helps Break Silence on Oral Cancer
Episode 29 Strengthening the Cancer Sisterhood
Episode 30 Sarcoma Foundation of America Uses a Multi-Faceted Approach to Fighting the Disease
Episode 31 SHARE Sets Sights on Crossing Language Barrier in Breast, Ovarian Cancer Support
Episode 32 Information Is Key for Men With Prostate Cancer
Episode 33 Thea's Star of Hope: How Small Cancer Funds Can Make a Big Difference
Episode 34 What Every Woman With Ovarian Cancer Should Know
Episode 35 Sisters Network Has Powerful Message for African Americans With Breast Cancer
Episode 36 Top 10 Things Learned in 20 Years of Fighting Prostate Cancer
Episode 37 Stand Up To Cancer, Working to Help Colorectal Patients Become Cancer Survivors
Episode 38 The Saint is Fake, But the Pediatric Cancer Progress is Real
Episode 39 How One Survivor Approached the 3 percent IBC Survival Rate Head-On
Episode 40 Delivering Critical One-to-One Support to the Breast Cancer Community
Episode 41 Overcoming the Stigma of Testicular Cancer
Episode 42 Changing the Face of Brain Cancer, One Patient at a Time
Episode 43 A Promising New Treatment Offers Hope in the Fight Against Pancreatic Cancer
Episode 44 Malecare: Men Fighting Cancer Together
Episode 45 Cancer Support Community: Interactions Can Make All the Difference
Episode 46 The Prostate Cancer Foundation Is Continuing Efforts Toward Finding a Cure for Prostate Cancer
Episode 47 Cancer Hope Network: Connecting Patients With People Who Have "Been There"
Episode 48 Jewish Breast Cancer Support Group Helps Women, Families of All Backgrounds
Episode 49 PALS: Volunteer Pilots Helping Patients With Cancer Get the Care They Need
Episode 50 National Pancreas Foundation Centers: Providing Care for the Whole Patient
Episode 51 Testicular Cancer: It's Worse in the Head (Part 1)
Episode 52 What I Wasn't Told About Prostate Cancer Treatments
Episode 53 Maintaining Oral Health and Cancer
Episode 54 A Song of Hope Through My Son's Cancer Journey
Episode 55 Catch Cancer Early and It Can Be Easier
Episode 56 Lolly's Locks Puts Patients Within Reach of High-Quality Wigs
Episode 57 Testicular Cancer: It's Worse in the Head (Part 2)
Episode 58 Wage Hope: Why Clinical Trials Are So Vital in Pancreatic Cancer
Episode 59 Rare Cancer Doesn't Need to Be Fought Alone
Episode 60 Children's Cause Gives Families a Voice in Pediatric Cancer Policy Debates
Episode 61 Shining a Light on Life With Lymphoma
Episode 62 GetNaked Campaign Focuses on Performing Self-Checks for Melanoma
Episode 63 Andrea Lynn Cancer Fund Wants to Ease Financial Toxicity for Patients
Episode 64 Global Lung Cancer Coalition Fighting Disease on an International Level
Episode 65 Lessons Learned In The Midst of My Melanoma Journey
Episode 66 PAN Foundation Helps the Underinsured Afford the Treatments They Need
Episode 67 ABTA: Saving Lives Through Funding Research
Episode 68 Advice and Advocacy for the Childhood Cancer Community
Episode 69 MDS Foundation: Creating A Safe "Space" in Which to Educate Patients and Caregivers
Episode 70 Lung Cancer Alliance Campaigns to End the Stigma
Episode 71 Conquering Pediatric Cancer: Why Hugs for Brady Isn't Giving Up the Fight
Episode 72 Providing a Dedicated Network of Support for People with HNC
Episode 73 A Millennial Writes: Why I No Longer Fear Breast Cancer
Episode 74 The Life Raft Group Stresses Management of Side Effects
Episode 75 Chase After a Cure Stands Up to Childhood Cancer
Episode 76 Younger Patients Are Changing the Face of Lung Cancer
Episode 77 Remission Coach: New Search Engine Aims to Revolutionize Clinical Trials Recruitment
Episode 78 Gene Tests for Breast Cancer: Do You Really Want and Need to Know?
Episode 79 HIS Breast Cancer Awareness: Exploring the Male Side of the Disease
Episode 80 Bladder Cancer Advocacy Network Shines Spotlight on Common, But Unknown Killer
Episode 81 Leading the Way for Prostate Cancer Detection
Episode 82 A Worthwhile Decision: Joining a Cancer Support Group
Episode 83 New Hotline Lends an Ear to Patients With Lung Cancer
Episode 84 How Mindfulness Helped Me Through Cancer
Episode 85 For Cancer, We Are the Chosen Ones
Episode 86 On Bucket Lists, Exercise and Defying the Odds With Myeloma
Episode 87 Ovarian Cancer: Please Don't Say It Is Lethal
Episode 88 The Cancer Miracle Child
Episode 89 At Night
Episode 90 Jim's Journey With Multiple Myeloma Continued
Episode 91 With Cancer, Waiting Is the Hardest Part
Episode 92 Living With Grief in the Metastatic Breast Cancer Community
Episode 93 My Crazy Metastatic Life
Episode 94 Everybody Dies, With or Without Cancer
Episode 95 Yes, Cancer Is Making Me Lose My Hair
Episode 96 When "Motivational" Isn't Motivational in Cancer
Episode 97 How Cancer Helped Me Find a New Life
Episode 98 Comedy: Would a Few Laughs Help My Cancer?
Episode 99 With Cancer, It's All Relative
Episode 100 Living Beyond Cancer
Episode 101 A Letter to Cancer
Episode 102 Lynch Syndrome Registry Sheds Light on a Driving Cause of Colorectal Cancer
Episode 103 Thought Control: Can Anything Take My Mind Off Cancer?
Episode 104 Through a Cancer Tragedy Came an Unexpected Passion
Episode 105 Thank You, Cancer
Episode 106 Adjusting to Cancer's "New Normal"
Episode 107 Perspective Taking
Episode 108 Melanoma: It Was Just a Mole!
Episode 109 Everybody's Favorite Cancer Patient
Episode 110 Freedom: Perspectives from a Cancer Survivor
Episode 111 From a Patient With Cancer: Thanks for Not Helping
Episode 112 Hitting Cancer With All I've Got
Episode 113 If "Cancer" Is in the Fine Print, Run the Other Way
Episode 114 Blue Flowers Org Takes Aim at Supporting Women Who Care for a Loved One With Prostate Cancer
Episode 115 Always a Breast Cancer Patient
Episode 116 Cancer Can't Be Sugarcoated
Episode 117 A Meditation on Living With Stage 4 Breast Cancer
Episode 118 I Will Not Let Cancer Take Charge
Episode 119 How the Heck Did You Get Cancer?
Episode 120 Living With Cancer: How Can I Slow Down?
Episode 121 Five Tips for Easier Cancer Medication Management
Episode 122 Living la Vida Loco With Metastatic Cancer
Episode 123 What Nobody Told Me About Cancer
Episode 124 My Chemo Upheaval
Episode 125 My Story with Cholangiocarcinoma
Episode 126 Keep Fighting, Be Strong: With Cancer, Words Blend Into Actions
Episode 127 No Guarantees in Life or Cancer
Episode 128 Battling High-Grade DCIS and Not Wearing Pink
Episode 129 I'll Take The Cancer, With a Side of...
Episode 130 Meltdown in the MRI: Don't Do What I Did
Episode 131 Nutriton and Cancer
Episode 132 Did Your Cancer Transplant Fail? It’s Time To Learn Another Acronym: DLI
Episode 133 Cancer and Presidential Election Results of 2016
Episode 134 What to Do When You're Sick After Hours
Episode 135 A Secret to Tell: The Journey of My Wife's Breast Cancer (Part 1)
Episode 136 A Secret to Tell: The Journey of My Wife's Breast Cancer (Part 2)
Episode 137 What I've Learned From My Cancer Warrior Mom
Episode 138 December Is a Deadly Month
Episode 139 Male Breast Cancer: The Silent Killer
Episode 140 A Call to Action for Unsung Oncology Heroes
Episode 141 Using Your Cancer Battle to Inspire Others
Episode 142 How Darth Vader Helped Me With Depression
Episode 143 Hiking Cancer
Episode 144 Coming to Grips with the News that You've Got Cancer
Episode 145 My New Life With Cancer
Episode 146 Sex After Breast Cancer: One Survivor's Experience
Episode 147 8 Simple Rules for Healthy Eating
Episode 148 Thoughts on My "New Normal" After Cancer
Episode 149 I Don’t Always Have Cancer, But When I Do, I Don’t Do These 4 Things
Episode 150 10 Essential Facts About Brain Tumor Awareness Month From a 19-Year Survivor
Episode 151 Nutrition, Stress and Health
Episode 152 Giants of Cancer Care: A Night of Gratitude
Episode 153 Ilana Cass on Potential Consequences of Preventive Surgery
Episode 154 Looking Death in the Eye: A Cancer Survivor's Perspective
Episode 155 If I'd Known I'd Survive…
Episode 156 Reflections From Ten Years of "Survivoring"
Episode 157 Tips for Battling Cancer
Episode 158 A Message in a Bone

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