Article Talk: Facts about oral cancer?

Started by irene0, April 07, 2017
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April 07, 2017
How effective is the VELscope? Can it identify the uncontrollable growth of cells in the mouth at their early stage? My husband says, for the past few days he is feeling lumps in his mouth. He also said that it's bleeding almost all days. I don't know why this is happening all of a sudden. We went for a regular check-up a month back and the dentist said his teeth and gums are perfectly fine. I have heard that gum disease can cause bleeding and I was relieved by it. But yesterday he said there is something velvety red patches in his mouth. I researched about it and saw that these are the symptoms of oral cancer. I'm very much worried about the situation. I have scheduled an appointment with another dentist in Aurora ( ) for oral cancer screening. He doesn't use tobacco but drinks alcohol once in a while. Can consumption of alcohol once in a while lead to oral cancer? If so, why I don't have any such issues. I too drink along with him once in a while. Is there any other reason for oral cancer? I hope to get support from those who has a simialr situation.
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