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July 28, 2017
title of China's well-known trademarks of Del, Kenya and other brands are continuing to strengthen the brand building while also strengthening the technological innovation, and strengthen the quality of production and other work, Lorente's listing plan has been carried out,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/pvc-material-house-fence-gate.html]PVC Material House Fence Gate[/url] Plans to achieve business targets in 2009. As China's forest industry, the aircraft carrier-class enterprises, with large Asian wood-based panels, the elephant floor, macro-resistant floor of the Daya Group is very optimistic about this adjustment. In 2008, the group launched the second eight-year development plan of the wood industry, aiming to promote the integration of the four major resources of the market, raw materials, production and talents; to optimize the enterprise management system and organizational structure; to promote the pace of technological innovation; Enterprise independent intellectual property rights construction of the four initiatives to the Group by 2015 sales of more than 10 billion US dollars.[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/pvc-fencing-design-ideas.html]PVC Fencing Design Ideas[/url] Just as the icon group vice president Guo Hui said: floor enterprises to achieve the control of upstream resources, this work should be extended to the international community, the current market is a bottleneck, the future look must be a resource bottleneck. So the icon, the North American maple, David, Lorente, Kenya and other flooring companies are without exception, pay close attention to adjust the opportunity to increase the control of resources. In the September 4 meeting, "China's manufacturing background, China's forestry industry opportunities and challenges" seminar,[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/tips-on-installing-composite-flooring.html]Tips On Installing Composite Flooring[/url] Ye Kelin on how to do a good job of the basic skills of enterprises put forward a stable quality; fast service; good integrity; attention to detail , To reduce costs; do a good job planning, seeking to develop these five paths and specific professional, cooperation, innovation, system, brand, market six focus. China Industry News Association Deputy Secretary-General Hu [url=http://projectstorm.co.uk/composite/5317.html]best type of wood to use outside[/url] [url=http://projectstorm.co.uk/eco-floor/2362.html]composite wood cladding philippines[/url] [url=http://projectstorm.co.uk/composite/1505.html]deck packages at lowes[/url]
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