Article Talk: Make it a Double: Immunotherapy Combinations for Advanced Melanoma

Started by rtkegger, August 18, 2017
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August 18, 2017
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I was first diagnosed with Melanoma in March of 2012. I went through a year of treatment on inferon. Eight months after that treatment regiment was concluded, I was diagnosed with metastatic melanoma. It involved several places on my skin, my stomach, may sternum, left leg mussel, just to name a few areas. My first round of treatment was on Yarvoy. this involved 6 treatments every other week. I started this just before the combination of Yarvoy and Optivo was approved. I joked with my Oncologist that this was acting as a fertilizer.... After taking a month off treatments, I started taking Optivo ever other week for a total of 36 treatments. My last treatment was December 2nd 2015. I had a Complete Response to the treatment program. I have been clear for 8 months and just had a full body check by my dermatologist this week. There were NO suspicious spots! The only side effects during treatment was fatigue.A degree of fatigue has continued and my stamina is not what it was 5 years ago. But, then again I am 62 and people keep telling me I am getting older.(not me I have too much to do). The other side effect is I lost most of the skin pigment in my arms. This started about 6 months in to the Optivo treatment program. I am very grateful to the reasearchers, doctors, nurses, druisg companies and all involved in bringing this new class of drugs to market.
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