Some fakers & profiteers to avoid on evilbay ?

Started by JoeClark, September 27, 2017
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September 27, 2017
hello, Hello dear forum members, Much of what is on evil bay is quite interesting. But there are a few low life individuals trying to make a profit from selling what they downloaded for free elsewhere & repackaged to catch peoples' eyes. One of the dangers is that you are lured into buying what you think is a super duper rare item & the reality is that it's basically a home made CDR or DVDR & sourced from a bunch of lossy files in a nice box. I think it's only fair to warn those collectors out there that there are sellers to AVOID regardless of their ratings Thanks! Does can help me pls!! I did't find the right soluti via internet? Reference: [url=]Online animated marketing video[/url]
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