Article Talk: Advice for Clinicians on Helping Survivors Through Mammograms

Started by Sweet Sandals, October 24, 2017
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October 24, 2017
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I'm so sorry your imaging center puts you through so much, and I'd feel the same way if mine was the same. I just had my first post-treatment mammogram after receiving a notice that I was due for my annual exam. They did not make me stew while waiting for an appointment date to arrive, but got me in within a day of my call to schedule. I had no paper work to fill out and the radiologist came in before I left the room to tell me my scans were all normal - no sign of anything suspicious at all, gave me a hug, a big smile, a high five and whoops from everyone! I felt like a ton had been lifted from my shoulders when I left. I wish everyone could have it that easy and that reassuring. Send your center a letter, telling them how you feel; how they made you feel. Volunteer to work with their staff to find a way to make survivors and those in active treatment feel as though they are cared for in a compassionate manner. You might be surprised when they take you up on it! Gosh, I hope so! Best wishes!
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