Article Talk: Failing To Cope With Cancer Survivorship

Started by john smith, April 09, 2018
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April 09, 2018
hello, Hello dear forum members, I'm a massive fan of the comics, so I'm a bit wary of watching the show in case it doesn't measure up. But everyone seems to love it so I might watch it on Netflix. LemonLies, I understand your feelings, but really, even though it's the same story, it's almost like an alternative version. Not even close to the comic book but equally good. Remember that Kirkman is part of the production staff, so he wouldn't let his own masterpiece go to hell right? Give it a chance, I personally think both are really, really good (and I'm usually on the book/comic side). Thanks! Does can help me pls!! find the right soluti via internet? Reference: corporate film production
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