Liver cancer and cannabis oil

Started by mydreamis, January 05, 2019
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January 05, 2019
Hello people. First of all sorry for my bad english, i will try my best to explain. After a lot of reading and one successful case of my friend's father cancer, we finally chose to use the cannabis oil treatment for cancer for my father's own case (liver cancer). I have read all the wrong methods of using this stuff. Smoking, drinking, put it in your skin, inject it in your stomach fat, but in my opinion and according to some cases that have success until now, ALL this methods are wrong. The only method that help my friend's father, and seems to help also my father is suppository. In the beginning we try to use it by drinking it, but drinking 1-2ml of cannabis oil per day with strong THC inside is crazy. My father was thinking that he is flying ;D . I took from the pharmacy suppositories that is empty inside, and you can fill them with anything you want. So it became much easier to use 1-2ml (maybe more in the future) and helps...well until now and hope for ever :) . And something important, its not CBD oil. CBD oil is just for pain. THC is the treatment. Thank you guys and sorry if it is hard to understand my writing. Of course we dont even start all the chemotherapy, we didnt chose that way. Its very important because many people do both, but in my opinion its useless to use cannabis oil if you do chemo...chemo kills everything. I repeat that this is just my opinion, i want to share it with everybody.
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