GRAHAM LONDON 2SXAS.B06A Swordfish replica watch

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Hands-on Graham Swordfish chronograph return series

Swordfish returns in bronze and steel with a new color combination and two distinct personalities.GRAHAM LONDON SWORDFISH 2SXAS.B06A replica

Graham refurbished his swordfish chronograph, a striking watch featuring two prominent deckholes on the deck to amplify the time-lapsed timer. The 46mm hull is made of bronze and steel, but the appearance of the two limited edition models is not much different.

Since the beginning of the 21st century, the swordfish has been sailing in Graham's collection and captured the spirit of the times with its XXL size and prominent portholes on the dial. At that time, the oversized, eyelid watch was very popular. Remember MB&F's HM3?

Bronze and steel hull
Unlike the unique trigger on the left side of the iconic Chronofighter, Swordfish's chronograph button and crown have been repositioned to the right side of the case, and the counter counter on the dial has been reversed to respect the new configuration. To analyze in detail the evolution of Chronofighter's unique triggers on the left side of the case, you can read Xavier's article. Graham's new version of the sword-shaped chronograph is presented in a bronze and steel case with two distinct personalities. The bronze model (made of an elastic alloy used by the Navy industry) exudes a more retro-sea ocean spirit, while the steel model is clearly more modern.

However, as Graham, some basic principles have been respected, including the XXL's 46 mm case size and the prominent mushroom-shaped chronograph button. To ensure 100 meters of water resistance, the crown is sealed with two joints, and the cross-shaped Clous de Paris pattern on the chronograph button is easy to grip. The finish is finished with a satin matte frame and a contrasting polished finish. Both models feature a sapphire crystal case back with Swordfish on the glass and a limited edition on the metal / 33. For allergy reasons, the bronze model comes with a titanium base.Breguet replica

Swordfish eyes or portholes?
Swordfish, known for its slender body, large eyes and sword-like scorpion, is a powerful predator capable of reaching speeds of up to 90 km/h. A few interesting facts about swordfish are that the "sword" is not actually used to pierce its victims, but to cut and damage its prey, and it has a very handy skill to improve its vision. Swordfish are given a strange mechanism that allows them to heat their eyes (and brain) to enhance their vision and capture fast-moving prey in cold water. According to "Nature" magazine, "Hot-assisted eyes work 10 times faster than cold eyes."

Whether it's the speed of the swordfish (hence the chronograph) and the high-tech eyes (enlarged porthole), the inspiration for Graham's designers remains to be confirmed. But the most striking feature of this watch is that it does not escape: "eyes" - or a more nautically inclined "porthole" on the dial. Made of bronze steel, the "eye" at 3 o'clock on the dial is a 30-minute counter, while the 9-point counter is a 12-hour counter and runs in seconds. This coaxial pairing of hours and running seconds means that the second hand slides over a more static hour hand. Although they appear to be convex, the sapphire crystal on the eye is actually flat and has an anti-reflective coating on the bottom to avoid any glare.

With its bronze case, the model with a sun-brushed blue dial plays the vintage card nicely, with a contrasting white marking on the dial and a swordfish at 12 o'clock. The hour and minute cathedral hand is made of enamel and is treated with a white Super-LumiNova, just like the tip of a chronograph hand and a small second replica watches

This steel model features a sun-brushed black dial with a colourful, Roman numeral VI. The steel model is slightly avant-garde and more popular than the bronze model, exuding a bold, modern atmosphere. The chronograph hands are yellow with a red tip and the small seconds hand is blue. The shades of Super-LumiNova are used for the hour and minute hands of the cathedral.

Automatic chronograph
The Swordfish is equipped with an automatic chronograph movement (G1710) based on the Valjoux 7753. Coaxial counter, Incabloc shock absorber, frequency 4Hz, the movement has a 48-hour power reserve. The main board is decorated with a circular texture, the bridge and rotor are C

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