My traumatic brain injury.

Started by amandamurray110, July 24, 2019
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July 24, 2019
Hi 2 months ago my son Michael Doom, whom just turned 30, suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury and is residing currently in the Huntsville Hospital. His type of brain injury and condition requires continual monitoring with constant care. The hospice, he was initially placed with, was not equipped to handle a patient having these extensive injuries and ongoing needs. We are now praying and hoping that there is an alternative resource available out there that can fill his needs. This has been hard for our family and we want to find Michael the best possible care and perhaps recover from his Traumatic Brain Injury. hire the best copywriting agency Please if you have any information that could help our family in our time of need please call me Rosemary Doom 832-729-4410 Thank you and God Bless Amanda
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