Fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue 45 mm 411.NX.5179.RX watch

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August 27, 2019
Fake Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue 45 mm 411.NX.5179.RX watch All of these Hublot Big Bang Unico Titanium Blue 45 mm 411.NX.5179.RX watches use the same 45 mm x 13.05 mm case and are equipped with an automatic timer (based on ETA, 2892, 42 hours power reserve, 4Hz frequency). The case demonstrates the general style and execution of Classic Fusion, which means the integration of polished and wiredrawn surfaces, a circular ring with six titanium screws and a composite resin (black or blue, depending on the version) for the middle case. All rooms are equipped with rubber straps. The fabrics match the dial. Talk about innovative technology and Hublot LaFerrari pop-up. When it comes to strange or fantastic materials, you might think of Hublot Classic Fusion Berluti and its leather dial. Now, Hublot uses rough and tough materials that are not often used for tabulating: concrete! Last year, at the Basel International Watch and Clock Jewelry Show in 2016, Hublot re-demonstrated its "fusion" concept, which combines unique methods of different materials, many of which are usually unrelated to watches, resulting in some interesting combinations. Watchmaker's idea of partnering with Berluti, the famous Paris shoemaker, used leather on both the belt and the dial - creating what I personally think is one of the most attractive works of the swiss luxury watches brand. Today, the same concept is applied to the timetable, the classic Hublot fusion timetable Berluti. I fully understand that this Hublot x Berluti watch is a very polarized one. It's a bold creation with some uniqueness and unusual improvements that not everyone likes, like Hublot, and some people think it doesn't matter. In some ways, this is positive. At least, it proves that Yubo dares to create conservative goods to please the masses. Personally, I like it and find it reasonable and well executed. Following the three-hand version of the 2016 Basel International Watch and Jewelry Show, Hublot launched another limited edition this year using the same leather dial, the same color matching scheme, but adding a timekeeping function. Packaging, creating Hublot Classic Fusion Chronograph Berluti.New York itself is a milestone in its home town of nearly 20 million people.Dedicated to a city that never sleeps, a city of bright lights, this city is often quoted and sung by some of the biggest stars: New York. It is not hard to imagine that when asked to make a time to pay tribute to this great city, it occupies an important place in the list of inspirations. New York City, of course, is famous for its concrete jungle, a testament to the vast urban landscape on the Hudson River. Basically, the recipe is the same: two luxury replica watches , one made of black ceramics, one made of 18K King Gold, one made of black leather and one made of brown leather. The main attraction of these watches is absolutely their dials. Working with perhaps one of the world's top five shoemakers, using some of the most precious leather and the best patinas and using Berluti only to make belts is wasteful. That's why this unusual material is also used in dials. Indexes and logos are printed on the material to show vivid colors. Because of the influence of ultraviolet, light and water, the use of leather as a dial is very challenging, which raises questions about the aging process. For example, all moisture must be removed from the material before sealing it into the shell. In addition, special treatment methods are used to ensure that the leather does not age too fast. Both colors are available, and both are equipped with a 45 mm classic fusion timer case. The first version of Scritto All Black features a black ceramic case, polished and wire-drawn surface, with a black "sculptured" strap and a black leather dial. The second edition of Scritto King Gold uses a warm gold case with polished and wire-drawn surfaces, with warm tobacco brown straps and leather dials (Berluti's trademark color). Both of them share the same display screen, equipped with a double chronometer - small second hand 3:30 minute timer 9:00, no date. They are powered by the core HUB1143, which is a 4 Hz frequency and 42 hour power storage automatic chronometer core - modular core based on ETA core.This is the concrete jungle of Hublot classic fusion Aerofusion chronometer produced by artist Tristan Eaton. Hublot replica hublot watches is no stranger to doing unorthodox things, both technically and aesthetically.
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