2019 Air Jordan 1 Keep to Release New Colorways

Started by blair2019, September 16, 2019
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September 16, 2019
There is no doubt that the Air Jordan 1 is the king of popularity in the current shoe circle. Not only has a rich color, the volume is not small, but can be completely digested by the market, looking at the current shoe market, there is such popularity and strength, I am afraid only Air Jordan 1! The Air Jordan 1 release plan is still heavyweight next year, and Nike has no intention of stepping on the brakes. The first is to meet the 35th anniversary of Air Jordan 1 and re-enact the most classic pair of shoes - Air Jordan 1 "Chicago"! The rumors will be on the All-Star Weekend in February, and the release of the event can be foreseen. It is difficult to start, it must be low! In addition, the Air Jordan 1 "Royal Toe", a new member of the "Lightning" family, has a black and blue toe and is nicknamed with lightning. There are also black and green Air Jordan 1 "Gucci", evil person purple color Air Jordan 1 "Court Purple", matcha color Air Jordan 1 "Dark Mocha" and bright yellow toe Air Jordan 1 "Yellow Toe"! 2019 Sneakers Release,CPFM is a new high street brand has gradually emerged upstream of the trend circle and is recognized by more and more fashion big coffee and trend Icon. At the beginning of the year, Air Max Day launched the CPFM x Nike Vapormax 2019, which was jointly developed with Nike. It has won the love of many fans with its unique neon style design. Some time ago, together with Nike By You official custom platform, Blazer was launched. The new collaboration of the blueprint design, with a multi-color and material parts, and a special addition to the CPFM exclusive elements, can present up to 117,649 different designs. New Jordan is enough to shock the entire shoe circle. In this pair of Air Jordan, the shadow of the previous generation is not seen in the original generation, which deeply reflects the design concept of the design team
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