Difference between shower curtain and shower room

Started by locas2019, October 16, 2019
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October 16, 2019
Many homes want to create a wet and dry bathroom with minimal cost when doing bathroom renovations, so they all install a shower curtain instead of a shower room. So can the shower curtain really play the same role as the shower room? Let's take a look at the difference between the two! Which is better for shower room and shower curtain? First, the comparison of materials and appearance The shower room is made of tempered glass and hardware and aluminum to separate the shower area from the sanitation area; the shower curtain is just plastic or fabric similar to curtains. The shower room has a flat shape, a circular shape, a diamond shape, etc. The shower curtain is rich in color and can be used in all bathrooms. Second, the ability to cut off The waterproof of the shower room is better than the shower curtain, no leak detection; occasionally there is a glass explosion accident in the shower room. The shower curtain sometimes gets sticky and sticky, and it is very convenient when using the shower curtain when the space is small. Regardless of the function of wet and dry partitions or insulation, the shower room is superior, and if there is enough space, it is better to install a shower room. However, for some families with small apartment bathrooms, the hanging shower curtain is a solution that saves money and saves space. we specialize in production and selling Shower Curtains, the most Beautiful Cheap Shower Curtains, you can choose the long and wide of the Shower Curtain size.Beautiful shower curtains. Holiday Shower Curtain Snowman Shower Curtain
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