Article Talk: Chemo Brain: It Doesn't Always Go Away

Started by Sig, December 02, 2016
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December 02, 2016
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I had heard about those cool caps that you refer to, but my doctor's had not, which I thought was kind of weird. I don't think chemo brain ever goes completely away, but if you can stand a joke, I was with a group of friends, most older than me and I was complaining about my "chemo" brain...and they turned to me and said, "Sig, we forget little things all the time and we haven't had chemo so what's our excuse?" Sorry, I know this is a serious subject, but the seriousness is not what's geting me through.My biggest problem is that it seems that I forget certain words...and they are not lost forever, they seem to be on periphery of my memory....sometimes I remember them the next day. I used to do a lot of public speaking, but now remain quite quiet because I am terrified of forgetting a word. I was never afraid of public speaking and was quite good at it...but now???....My coping skill before I attend any type of meeting is to review a glossary of the types of works usually used. I also say out loud similar words...because if you say it out loud you are engaging another sense....your hearing...since that's still working I believe it helps my brain. My hair did grown back and I was lucky, but I still know that there is less. Eyebrows not so much. I used Latisse for a while, but lost interest because my priorities have consolidated, not changed. I think having a plan for dealing with Chemo brain versus worrying about it might help you. Another positive side I have found in this is that I do not having to worry about foot in mouth disease any more....I definitely have to think before I speak.... Best wishes for your continued recovery.
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