Article Talk: It's OK to Be Alive: Learning to Deal With Cancer Survivor's Guilt

Started by nanny, January 13, 2017
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January 13, 2017
Thank you for this article; I am still suffering through "survivor's guilt" after the loss of 2 younger and more talented friends to cancer. To be honest, I truly thought both friends would survive their ordeals. I knew their struggles would be difficult. But, I just could not face the possibility that they would not win their battles. For some reason, my family and friends kept things from me when I asked about these 2 people. My family seemed to think they were protecting me when they failed to inform me of the really bad days that our friends were going through. Therefore, we hospice was called in for both friends, I was shocked and sickened. And to be honest, I was still in denial. I just could not face the truth: cancer can kill and often does...even babies die from cancer and the often debilitating treatments required to conquer the disease. I still do not understand why I am still alive while my precious, young, beautiful, talented, God-loving friend suffered tremendously and died. I feel horribly guilty and often thought how I would take her place so she could see her grand children grow up....I hope to someday understand, but am still struggling through this guilt and still ask "Why?"
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