Article Talk: Are You in the Shallow or Deep End of the Cancer Pool?

Started by Ptjen, February 26, 2017
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February 26, 2017
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The most difficult time I have had since my 2008 diagnosis with breast cancer was actually before I received the diagnosis. It was the wait between finding a lump, having a mammogram, then biopsy, then learning the results. During that time, I was sure it was cancer but I kept trying to find an alternate reason for the lump other than cancer. I was floundering because I didn't know and couldn't stand the wait. I still remember the doctor saying after he gave me the results that he understood that I had just been hit by a truck and perhaps I wanted to absorb the information before we discussed options. I told him that the truck had hit me when I found the lump and that I needed to start looking at what was ahead of me. To use the author's analogy, I was in the deep end of the cancer pool when I found the lump. It was learning the diagnosis that allowed me to learn to swim to the shallow end.
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