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Started by Scout, September 10, 2017
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September 10, 2017
Invasive lobular carcinoma, 2 years ago, bilateral mastectomy with immediate reconstruction. Plastic surgeon noticed had touch of PTSD, referred me to therapist who had had breast cancer twice, psychiatric nurse with PhD. Was great for awhile, helped with a lot of recovery stuff, but need a talk therapist now. Is what my oncologist calls "a prescriber", won't listen, not into talk therapy, interrupts. Taking 3 more years of Arimidex, she prescribed Gabapentin for insomnia, worked for a few months and then noticed balance issues and brain fog, a real problem since am recovering from broken hip and knee, working on balance. She wanted to prescribe Zoloft on top of the Gabapentin on top of Arimidex! Enough already! So I need to speak with a breast cancer, mastectomy PTSD therapist - I want to know what the recovery sequence is and coping ideas. Hoping there is someone in the Boston area that can help.
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