Article Talk: Do Genes and Gender Play a Role in Chemotherapy-Related Fatigue?

Started by Suz, October 22, 2017
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October 22, 2017
I hope members of the opposite sex do comment on this article. I am very glad to see the article as fatigue is a serious problem for me. Is this just a female thing or does it affect males also. The 1st side effect listed for the med I am on (Ibrance) is fatigue. However the 2nd side effect listed is low red & white blood counts. For me I would have to say I believe my genes add to my fatigue. I was always sick as a child. Rheumatic Fever, lots of sore throats, eczema that would not heal causing blood poison to set in. But raised 5 children, worked full time, and have dealt with breast cancer and Mets for 25 years. So is it Genes and/or Gender and/or am I just worn out at age 77.
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