Article Talk: Am I Vain After Cancer? I Will Cry If I Want To

Started by barbe, February 12, 2018
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February 12, 2018
I just read the 'am I vain' article and as a almost 15 year breast (occult breast cancer, estrogen negative, stage 3+) and 29 year melanoma cancer survivor, I get it. (NOTE: Occult breast cancer means it disappears from the breast and metastasizes to the lymph nodes, I was HER2Nu and estrogen negative, stage 3+. I either wanted both breasts gone or see if it was possible to keep my breast. Everything about mine was unusual and aggressive so after 3 opinions, I gave in and had a mastectomy but had to wait 3 years for reconstruction. It's okay to be vain and it's okay to feel down as long as you know it's important to love yourself first because you have to keep yourself at your best to get through all this and move on. And, yes, you might be very pleased with the new breasts you get, a little reduction, life or tuck makes a nice difference to those of us with a little more sag than we want. I am a super positive person most of the time I believed I would be okay and if I wasn't, I would stay as happy as I could. Fifteen year later, I'm here. Well, I don't have a grey hair and I'm now 68--I'd trade that for the dark circles under my eyes, wrinkles and bags under my eyes but no deal so I just find great make up and do the best I can. However, I believe some of these wrinkles are laugh lines and hurrah for that! Remember, love yourself and enjoy life.
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