Article Talk: When's the Right Time to Stop Pain Medicine After Cancer Surgery?

Started by Dgeorge, May 10, 2018
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May 10, 2018
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I think part of the problem with pain management is that doctors do not discuss the length pain medication get occur and chow and when it is appropriate. As many surgeries as I have had not one doctor talk pain management. I figured it out for myself. For the first two weeks I take medication on time and by the book, even setting a timer. Then I put the timer up and determine how I feel each time I feel I need medication. If I find I have missed my next dose by half the time I expand it out and go back on the timer for a few days. Say you are taking 2 pills every 6 hour ( or four times a day). When I miss I expand it to 2 pills every 8 hour
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