Vitamin D and B12

Started by Dgeorge, May 30, 2018
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May 30, 2018
What you explained was me! I had finally started feeling better when my Naturpathy decided I did not need the high does D I was taking nor the B multivitamin. That was the start of the worst 9 months of my life! To me it was even worse than cancer treatments only because I could not see my way out. After three months I was in a hole so deep I saw the psychologist I was assigned after I almost died from toxicity during a treatment who agreed I should go on antidepressants. However things got worse instead of better. I was at my wits end and remembered that after a year of chemo and recovery from a 9 hour surgery I was starting to feel good again until the D and B vitamins were removed. I discussed this with both doctors and we decided to try putting them back. I now take 5000 IU vitamin D and sublingual vitamin B. After being back on the vitamins one month I discontinued my antidepressant. Now five months later I still tire easily but the depression is gone. I am back to myself on a daily basis. Don
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