Article Talk: Parenting, Interrupted: Three Tips on Being a Parent With Cancer

Started by SLBBrown, August 29, 2018
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August 29, 2018
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I too was 34 years old when diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer. In the beginning, I was told to hope for 9-12 months as I was triple negative to the hormone reactors. After surgery, the HER2/neu, was discovered giving me a whole new perspective on my survival. My children were 3 and 4. I also had them be a part on the experience. They were in charge of shaving my hair and picking out my hat or scarf. A year later a tumor was found in my brain and I went through more long days of sleeping. After a year of radiation and other treatments. I ended with brain surgery and partially paralyzed. The kids, now first and third grade, learned to help me eat and walk. They went through a lot and still suck their thumbs and wet the bed as adolescents (PTS symts of trauma to have habits like these. We were right in the middle of potty training and almost had them stop sucking their thumbs but...). However, they took on roles as teachers and nurturers which has informed the maturity and intelligence in ways beyond school. They learned to advocate for those lacking
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