Article Talk: Cancerversary Prompts Top 10 List of Lessons LearnedArticle Talk: Cancerversary Prompts Top 10 List of Lessons Learned

Started by Mare, January 12, 2019
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January 12, 2019
I, also have a major illness besides cancer. I never thought the "health gods" would make me deal with cancer also. But I believe having a major illness first has helped me cope with my cancer diagnosis. I had already met my own mortality and everyday that I accomplished something that mattered to me, was a good day. And so it is with cancer. Cancer will probably kill me and I will even call that a great day when it happens. I wade through all the advice on how to manage my own illness. There are a lot of conspiracy theoreys out there. Though, I am a little hurt when friends dismiss my occaisional fear with a bible verse or advice. I am not looking for advice. I just want someone to hear me sometimes. I don't like the term survivor. We are all survivors of a day in a world filled with potholes and rainbows and if we can navigate those things in a day, we are all survivors. As the more my life shortens, the more And gratefullness is a good way of a mindfulness life. View Original Post

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