CIN3 (Cervical Dysplasia) due to high risk HPV

Started by amelia_h, October 19, 2016
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October 19, 2016
Last year I was diagnosed with High grade dysplasia (CIN 3) and HPV 16&18, and after following the Cervugid Ovules and Isoprinosine treatments. I'm very happy to say that I'm now cured! So I wanted to share my story and hopefully inspire the ones that are going through the same. In June last year I had a Pap Smear that came back as: Low grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (LSIL)/CIN 1 and HPV effect seen. A few atypical squamous cells are present, cannot exclude High grade squamous intraepithelial lesion (ASC-H). They sent me directly to an Onco/gyn and she perform a a colposcopy. During the colposcopy she only saw CNI I, but even so she schedule me to do a Leep right away since my pap had shown (ASC_H) and she was worried it could be worse. Luckily I went home and I did some research, (find a lot of information on this forum) and I saw that in most cases they do biopsies during the colposcopies to be sure of the grade of dysplasia. So I cancelled the Leep, and ask her to do an other colpo this time with a biopsy, since I was not willing to do an operation like that "just in case". Unfortunately the results from the biopsy on ( 04/07/2014) came up as: HVP effect/ CIN 2-3. For some reason she didn't test what kind of HPV I had at that point... I was devastated, worried and sad but I continued doing my research, and after reading so many cases of success stories from people following treatment with Cervugid & Isoprinosine I decided that I wanted to try that route first, before going trough an operation with risks such as not being able to get pregnant, or having a premature babies and with big chances that the problem will return again, etc. So I asked the doctor to give me 8 months to try the treatment instead of doing the Leep right away, She agreed but said that was very unlike to happen and that is the only solution for this problem was operation. The first thing I understood was that I didn't have dysplasia just because I had Hpv, they said that more than 80% of the population has been in contact with the virus at one point of their life and yet most people never develop any dysplasia or problems related, since the immunity system is usually able to fight it. So why did my immunity system didn't work and allowed this virus to attack my cervix? That was the first thing I needed to find out. I also started eating very healthy, organic foods, no processed foods, almost no red meats, no sugars, no smoking,no tampons. I waited 1 month after I finished these treatments and I went for a follow up, did a colposcopy a biopsy and a Pap smear. During the colposcopy the doctor said everything was looking much better, and that whatever I was doing seemed to be working. She even congratulated me! However I received a call after 5 days saying the results from the biopsy and the Pap smear came back normal and they HPV negative for 16&18 After hearing that I felt much better, and understood that what I was doing was definitely worked. I bet the doctor was very surprised too! So girls it is possible to cure even CIN 3 I did it in 8 months! Leep is not the only option! Don't let the doctors scare you! with the leep big chances are you will get reinfected with the same strain of the virus or a new one, and that's why you see so many cases of women that after the leep end up having a more leeps and then hysterectomy, because the virus is back and there is nothing left to cut.
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