Article Talk: Do cancer survivors celebrate birthdays differently?

Started by Travis. NCCC Bx Chapter, April 05, 2018
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Travis. NCCC Bx Chapter

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April 05, 2018
Tomorrow I celebrate my Spirtual and my biological BIRTHDAY! I feel so blessed with Gods grace to still be here. Told I had 30 days to live in 1996 by 10 doctors. Diagnosised with Cervical Cancer extended to Pelvic area 3x while pregnant 2x. Both children born healthy, called miracles after undetected cancer spread without treatments. Living with damaged nerves, chronic pain everyday and serious side effects after treatment I thank God to be here with my husband, my children and family. Life is a GIFT! I totally agree with the article. Happy to be alive after so many around me keep dying from Cancer. Grateful to God that I have my I wake up everyday. Why me and not them? Making sure not to waste a moment. Go for my dreams and never let an opportunity pass me by. Live to honor my Lord and Savior first who spared my life then all those who lost their life, survivors and the newly diagnosised. Every breath matters! Every word matters! Every loved one matters! How will I be remembered when Im gone? Who's life have I touched and shared how amazing my God is and all the wonderful things he's done for me? Working to serve those who can't serve theirselves. Giving back because I can't be live selfishly with the time I have. It has to mean something for those who are not here. I cant take it for granted! So with tears in my eyes , gratful heart and not knowing when tomorrow may by my last I ask myself have I lived well? Have I done all I planned to do? Did I love and treat people the way I want to be treated? Did I share Gods word and show him that I appreciate this opportunity? Have I made them proud by working hard to spread the word about Cancer awareness, educate the public on the importance of early detection and help save lives so others wont have to go through what we've been through. Blessed to serve even when Im in pain and need to be served I do it because I love too. Its not about how rich I am even though I could do so much more with more. Its not about how popular I am or how much I make. Its not important to have alot but to be grateful for all that you have and do your best to be your best at all times with alot or alot. Reach for the starts because the sky is the limit and time is short. Thank God for my life! Happy Birthday day to me and may I be blessed with many more. God bless you too. Travis, NCCC Bx Chapter Leader View Original Post

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