Article Talk: A Country Mile: Patients in Rural Areas Face Barriers to Treatment

Started by WYcancer, January 18, 2017
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January 18, 2017
I am part of a state-wide organization in Wyoming, Wyoming Cancer Resource Services. I service Region IV which covers 29,000 square miles of southwest Wyoming. Our state is rural, underserved, and frontier. In our corner of the state people with a cancer diagnosis must travel out of state for treatment. One hundred miles east of us in Wyoming there is a cancer facility, but that particular stretch of I-80 is often closed during the winter. My husband and I started Uinta Cancer Care Foundation, a 501c3 established to raise funds to assist our cancer patients with travel. Ours is a fledgling non profit. With funds raised through UCCF WCRS purchases gas cards. I spoke with a client yesterday who told me that without our assistance it is financially impossible to go to treatment. This is our greatest problem: getting people to appointments so they can be treated for cancer. Once our people get to Utah they have options for treatment.
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