Article Talk: 10 Lessons for the Newly Diagnosed Patient With Cancer

Started by Ptjen, April 09, 2017
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April 09, 2017
Great article but I disagree with your suggestion regarding research. I'm an information junky and know how to research (paralegal and librarian). Research kept me sane in the middle of the night when some question or fear kept me awake. I found information that changed my treatment after discussion with my very wonderful and patient oncologist. I found suggestions from others who had already traveled this path ahead of me that eased chemo and radiation side effects that doctors barely mentioned. I know that not everyone wants or is able to do this. If not, that's their choice. But I would recommend that they find a friend or family member to do some on their behalf. I do recommend that when you research that you limit your search to your specific cancer profile. Avoid looking for the worst that can happen and learn what you can that is helpful to what you are currently experiencing. No need to scare yourself about possibilities. Deal with your reality.
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