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Started by Seamac29, May 09, 2017
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May 09, 2017
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I just want to thank you Beth for the wonderful article and everything was spot on what she said it was a wonderful wonderful evening celebrating oncology nurses I was fortunate enough to sit up front or at the table of Sara who my wife had nominated the event was free and was open to any oncology nurses that was fortunate enough to get in There was great food great speakers a mobbing a Patrick Dempsey (Mc dreamy) of whom I cannot say more kind words about he was extremely patient genuine and gregarious man who gave of his time and was genuinely passionate about healing cancer . the line for pictures towards the end of the event was never ending literally there were hundreds and hundreds of people that came onstage and each one he took the time and personally thanked them and took numerous pictures Show me a celebrity or just about anybody that would do this in this day and age of it's about me let me get out of here all the people from cure magazine that we met plus the drug companies were also caring and involved in putting on this event that I truly don't know where to begin to say thank you to them everything was first class and always was about honoring the oncology nurses that night it was never about them So now I will make it about them a tremendous thanks for all the hard work and everything you did from putting on the table cloths for the tables to the band and especially all those with attended this will truly be a night that I will remember and I've had many in my 65 years of living so I truly from my heart thank everybody involved for making A night to remember
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