Article Talk: Palliative Care’s New Reputation in Cancer Care

Started by SarahA, September 23, 2017
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September 23, 2017
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This is such a great article and topic and palli care is so misunderstood. Most people believe that is is end-of-life treatment, and wait too long to receive it. Hospice gives palliative care, and I thought no that that is where it is confusing. Hospice was such a blessing to me; however, against my son's oncologist's advise, I waited until the very end to recieved it. I wish I had accepted it MONTHS before. If I knew now what I did then, I would have. But people, patients, think it is a death-sentance. When hospice 1st came my son became depressed and when I asked him if he wanted hospice he said no. Perhaps if a patient navigator had explained to us what they had to offer it would have been different. Thank you for this article you for this article!
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