Article Talk: WISDOM Trial Seeks to Personalize the Screening Process for Breast Cancer

Started by 4x Breast Cancer Survivor, March 04, 2020
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4x Breast Cancer Survivor

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March 04, 2020
I'm a research advocate supporting the WISDOM Trial and I want to note a correction to this article. The WISDOM Trial is for women between 40-74 years old who HAVE NOT HAD BREAST CANCER, despite the typo at the beginning of the article. We are inviting 100,000 women across the US WITH NO breast cancer history to join this easy trial that is completed completely on the web. No office visits, no changing providers. Just go for your mammograms, answer some questions, and allow the study to access your breast health records, safely and easily. The more women who participate the more solid the evidence will be about whether a mammogram schedule that is customized to a woman's own risk level is safer and more efficient at finding cancer than a standard annual mammogram. The benefit is that you'll learn more about your own risk level for breast cancer and be able to take steps to reduce it, no matter where your risk level falls. We can do better than "one size fits all". Please help us do better.
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