Article Talk: Nutritionism in Cancer CultureArticle Talk: Nutritionism in Cancer Culture

Started by Whole Food Mama, October 15, 2016
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October 15, 2016
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My son had precursor B cell ALL at the age of 29 with a subsequent stem cell transplant. He is almost 2 years post transplant. His cancer was VERY aggressive, so much so that his BMT team wasn't even sure he wouldn't relapse within the first 100 days. He was to enter the CART 19 trial @ U of Penn Sept., 2014. Fortunately he was able to obtain remission after 12 different chemotherapy agents and a drug experimental for his type of leukemia. In addition to being his mom, I am also a retired critical care nurse, then after that I did medical billing, then finally learned about whole food supplements. My son has been on whole food supplements specific to his body's specific nutritional needs. My training took place in the "alternative medicine" world. None of the whole foods interfered with my son's treatments, nor the RX drugs he was taking. He has come a long way since BMT and has a long way to go. His WBC count at diagnosis was above 376,600. He has a quality of life that is productive for him and allows him to plan for a future. That being said, he still has deficits from treatment and disease. However, when we go to the Dr visits, and thee times he's had to go to the ER, the Dr's are amazed at the "health" of his body. I give much credit to the supplements and the education I have received. It is my hope and dream that allo-pathic medicine and "alternative" medicine work together for the patient's overall well being. A body beaten up so much from leukemia and transplant and chemo and radiation and septicemia has little latitude to suffer the side effects of more RX intervention. Nice to know that nausea can be controlled with something safe (a whole food without side effect just an example). My son not only survives his ordeal, he is thriving. Every day is a blessing! View Original Post

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