Article Talk: SBRT Is Promising in Early-Stage Lung Cancer, Though Not Widely Used

Started by LauraB, March 11, 2017
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March 11, 2017
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How about its use in later stage nsclc? I have a small residual tumor in my left lung. I did have we Mets to my C4 bone but had surgery to remove it and srbt to clean up any remain cancer in neck area. I did have a few tiny tumors appear in my right lung but after taking Tarceva they have disappeared and the only tumor left is in the right lung and that was reduced by Tarceva. My oncology radiologist recommends using srbt to destroy residual tumor but both my oncologists are against it being effective. They think the Tarceva is working. However Tarceva stops working at some point when EGFR mutates. Would radiating small tumor prevent more progression/Mets?
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