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Article Talk: That Tingling Feeling: New Therapies Are Evolving for Peripheral Neuropathy
October 23, 2016
I have had numerous falls which have not been attributed to my neuropathy. Are there studies in the Pacific NW researching this?

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It Gets Better After the Shock of an Initial Cancer Diagnosis
September 02, 2015
Thank you for sharing these timely thoughts. I am a 2 x melanoma survivor who just finished 11 months of treatment for breast cancer - I coped really well during active treatment - it seems to be the fear of recurrence and new normal phase that are getting to me. I sometimes feel like I am just waiting for the next one....I want my life back and to stop being so focused on every ache, pain, or bump that I feel. When people comment "well, now you are cancer free, right?" I catch myself responding "for now". That does not sound like me but I can't seem to stop doing it.

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