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Article Talk: The Last Woman to Die of Breast Cancer
June 30, 2017
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Kathy KaTour's article is excellent, and to supplement her comment about Herceptin and Siddharta Mukerjee's Pulitzer award winning book, Emperor of all Maladies, watch the movie "Living Proof" with Harry Connick, Jr. Barbara Bradfield, played by Bernadette Peters, is the woman who had a palpable tumor in her neck that disappeared during treatment, along with her other tumors. Barbara was terminal, but Herceptin saved her, to live, I believe, about another decade and a half. Perjeta, another monoclonal antibody, is now given to some patients to boost the effectives of Herceptin. Also, herceptin has been combined with another chemo drug, Emtansine, to make a drug conjugate, Kadcyla. The side effects are so much less than taxols and similar chemos that ...

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