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On Carbs and Cancer
April 09, 2016
The “sugar is poison” ideology is wrong. While I’ve argued for reducing sugar for my entire career, I do think it’s wrong to perpetuate the idea that it is somehow toxic.

Sugar is in fruit — not toxic. Sugar is in breast milk — not toxic. Sugar is in our very bloodstream at all times. If it wasn’t, we would be dead. Our earliest ancestors ate sugar, albeit in vastly smaller quantities. Animals will even take great risks for it, as Winnie the Pooh taught us. Every culture today, including those who are eating healthy diets indelibly linked to low rates of chronic diseases and cancer, eat sugar. Hello baklava.

So, sugar is not a poison. The only rational message about the ...

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Sweet and Vicious: Sugar and Sugar Substitutes
August 10, 2015
PET scans pick up more metabolically active tissues. It's the differential effect that matters. It is actually recommended that people fast and also do not engage in strenuous exercise. If people eat or exercise, the muscle and intestinal tissues will pick up PET dye because of increased metabolic activity which can obscure true areas of malignancy. Of course cancer cells light up more than normal cells when given access to glucose after a fast. Cancer cells do everything at higher rates than normal cells because they're more metabolically active. That being said, the less sweetened junk we eat, the better. Some people find it helpful to "treat train" to allow for a planned and portion controlled treat without binging and without falling into a ...

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Sweet and Vicious: Sugar and Sugar Substitutes
July 24, 2015
There is so much confusion surrounding sugar and sweeteners in the health community and especially in relation to cancer. The devastating diagnosis of cancer often acts as an impetus for people to make dietary changes. Over and over patients ask me if sugar feeds cancer.

I’ve heard doctors say that sugar must be avoided as much as possible while others insist patients to eat “whatever” they want. As a medical community we foster misconceptions and obfuscate diet recommendations. We occupy a moral safe house where everyone else is to blame so no one is responsible.


Oftentimes during anti-cancer treatment like chemotherapy and radiation, sugar and carbohydrate foods are tolerated best. It must be devastating to think that sugary foods most ...

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