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Article Talk: Chemo Brain Returns?
August 09, 2018
In my experience I feel that the chemo brain never completely went away. I was told that it depends on the type of chemo along with type of personality you have. It's been almost 5 years since I finished chemo and I I still have major brain block and problems with short term memory. It's always worse when I'm extremely tired. During the day I have to rest my body a couple of times to get through the day or else I speak jibberish and can't carry on a conversation with. But I am 56 so maybe it's old age. 😀

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Chemo Brain: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Commentary
September 29, 2015
OMG. This article makes me feel so much better. Just knowing that others have the same feelings that I do. I've been fighting Chemo brain for 3 years. The Dr. told me that I shouldn't have any symptoms of chemo brain by now and that chemo brain has been over rated. I disagree with him. Thanks for making my day.

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