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Article Talk: Opinion Noise in Treatment Decisions
January 31, 2018
As a two time cancer survivor I can honestly say that some of the best advice came from fellow cancer survivors. Something that doctors fall short of is explaining the "life after" treatments/surgery. Or as cancer survivors call it..." the new normal". Doctor's don't experience that first hand like patients do. Weighing all of the advice....whether from patients, caregivers or the medical professionals it makes for the best educated patient.

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Breaking Up With Fear: Life After a Cancer Diagnosis
January 27, 2016
Dana...What a great message to everybody who is dealing w/cancer. I'm a 19 yr survivor of Esophageal cancer, 6 yr survivor of testicular cancer and have lived out your testament just about word for word. My one problem was not writing a letter like you did. I have participated in cancer support in many capacity's including being on the BOD of the ECAA [ESOPHAGEAL. CANCER AWARENESS ASSOC.] as well as local support groups. The issue of "FEAR" is loud and clear with just about every cancer patient and caregiver I've ever met. And when I tell a patient.."I know what you're going through"...I really do! Scanxeity [sp?] leads the pack. Whether it's before, during or after a scan...the anxiety and the anticipation of the results adds ...

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Chemo Brain: A Breast Cancer Survivor's Commentary
September 30, 2015
I am a two forms of cancer survivor. I'm approaching 19yrs from being diagnosed w/Esoph cancer. I did not receive chemo because of a dramatic weight-loss [208#'s down to 155's], clean margins and "NED" and the fact that the chemo would have killed me if I did go on it. My testicular cancer diagnosis 6 yrs ago only lead to one round of carboplatin....which was enough for me. I have served on the BOD of the ECAA [Esoph. Cancer Awareness Assoc.] since it's inception in 2004. I am blessed to be alive. And I have spent aprox. 17yrs of doing cancer support for people I don't know and for friends and relatives w/cancer. My brother in law has been dealing w/chemo brain for years. In ...

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